• Cllr. Daniel Whooley

Hansfield SHD amendment Submission (FW20A/0172)

Updated: Feb 2

I was contacted by residents of Hansfield and nearby estates about concerns with the proposal of planning application FW20A/0172. The planning application looked to change the purpose of two units in Block A, where a timeline of completion was published, to Block B.

The issue came where residents believed that Block B was further in a further phase of Block A construction and that these amenities would not be seen in the near future. I made a submission calling on the Fingal to request Block B's timeline if these two amenities are moved to it.

There were also other minor adjustments to the plan that were proposed that I commented about.

My application is available below in a pdf format.

Hasnfield SHD submission
Download PDF • 609KB

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